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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Dating Tips- How to Be More Romantic
By Sunny Arora

How to get more out of a relationship? How to always keep her in your spell? How to be a man women always desire and dream of? How to be absolutely irresistible to them? And many more questions which men ask on a daily basis. Now how to do all that? Read on to find out how you can be more romantic.

Surprise her- Women absolutely love surprises. Do something new for her each day. Take her out for a surprise candle light some time, Buy her that necklace she always wanted, Take her on a surprise holiday. These small little things can make a huge difference in a relationship.

Roses- Roses are loved by almost any woman. Roses always add more spark to the relationship. Occasionally surprise your partner with roses leave a little hand written note on it about how much you love & cherish your relationship.

Express your love for her- Women are highly driven by emotions therefore you should keep reminding them of how much you love her, how she changed your life for good, you cannot live without her, she means everything to you, you cannot imagine your life without her and so on make her feel wanted and needed, make her feel special.

Go out on romantic drives- This is one of the most romantic ways to spend time with your partner. Go out on long romantic drives turn off your cell phone or any other thing which might divert your attention. Just keep your full attention towards your partner and have a nice romantic time together.

Watch romantic movies together- Nothing can be more romantic than watching romantic classics with your partner. Collect some classic romantic movies and watch them alone with your partner.

Surprise her with dinner- Women love men how make an extra effort to make them feel special. Cook some dinner for her and surprise her on the dining table. Try and have a romantic quite little time over dinner with your better half.

Dance together- Put on a romantic piece of music and dance with your lover. Nothing can impress a female more than a guy who can dance.

Think of the past- Try and remind your spouse of the past and the romantic moments you had together and try and relive those moments. Go back in time be what you used to be like when you had just met. Think of all the moments you spent together, the good times, the romantic moments, and the funny moments. These small little things can always make a big difference to keep the relationship always spiced up. Nowadays in the fast paced world out there people do not get time to even talk to their better halves but you should work out a way to spend some quality time with your spouse.

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